Best Qualified & Accredited Auto Repair Shop in Chula Vista & Bonita

In the U.S., there is only one nationally recognized organization that trains, tests and certifies people that work in the automotive industry.  They are the ASE, or The Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.  Their job is to make sure that your mechanics and service advisors are properly qualified to work on your car.  A qualified mechanic (Service Technician) or service advisor must pass stringent testing to become an ASE Certified, ASE Master

ASE Blue Seal of Excellence logo

Bonita Valley Auto Care is the only ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Shops in Bonita/Chula Vista area.

Technician, or ASE Certified Service Advisor. They must also continue their education and training to remain certified.

Out of 1000’s of Shops in California, we are one in the top 150 for qualifications!

We are a very serious shop when it comes to getting your repairs and services right the first time.  That’s why we hire ONLY ASE Certified or Master Technicians and ASE Certified Service Advisors.  In fact, we are one of the few ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Shops.  There’s not very many of us.  To become one, we must display excellence in our qualifications and certifications to a very high degree.

4 ASE Master Technicians, 1 ASE Certified Technician & 3 ASE Certified Service Advisors

We simply want to make sure your vehicles are service properly so you can feel confident with the greatest peace of mind.  The most important part of this puzzle is getting the right people.