The Safety of Your Family is Our Top Priority

Family going on road tripAt Bonita Valley Auto Care we understand the safety of your family is perhaps the most important thing on your mind when it comes to your vehicle. Tires can change the game making your car unsafe.

Check your treads

  • The condition of your tires can affect everything from handling to gas mileage
  • Keep a tire pressure gauge in your car and check all your tires frequently
  • Recommended tire pressure can usually be found on a decal or sticker inside the driver’s door
  • Tires should typically be rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles to equalize tire wear

Indicators that you need tire or alignment service:

  • Bends or dents in the wheels
  • Recurring loss of tire pressure
  • Bumps in the sidewalls of your tires
  • Vibration emanating from the wheels
  • Unusual front-end movement on flat surfaces

Bonita Valley Auto Care is a AAA and NAPA full service automotive shop serving Bonita, Chula Vista, greater San Diego and the surrounding cities.